Writing with Sensory Processing Disorder

                Having Sensory Processing Disorder can be disruptive but it can also be a superpower.  To keep my senses from becoming distractions, I engage them in the writing process.  For each chapter, I burn the candle I associate with the character who is lending me their point-of-view.  To start each writing session I listen to the character’s song (sometimes on repeat) to engage my sense of hearing.  Below are the candle scents and songs for the Strawberry shifters whose stories are completed to date:


Bear with Me

Alison Luther       Scent: Lilac

Grant Luther        Scent: Camp-fire / Marshmallow


“Harmony Hall” by Vampire Weekend




Round of Applause

Aurora Turner           Scent: Cinnamon Bun

Nate Wagner             Scent: Sugar Cookie

James Martin            Scent: Black Licorice


“Goodbyes” by The Knocks featuring  Method Man




Go Scorch Yourself

Betty Weston               Scent: Black Cherry

Lucian Von Popescu   Scent: Chocolate-covered Strawberry


“Fire Escape” by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness




Smoother Than Spumoni / Water Under the Bridge

Susie Larkin                     Scent: Vanilla

Frank Paulino, Jr.           Scent: Ice Cream Parlor


“Conversation” by Catfish and the Bottlemen


Rotten Apple

Princess Orchid        Scent: Angel Food Cake

Ryan Von Popescu   Scent: Mulled Cider


“Walking Disaster" by SUM 41


The 5th Wheel

Patty        Scent: Red Raspberry

Jake Clemens   Scent: Black Current Vanilla

“Superman" by Goldfinger


Dance to a Wylder Beat

Olive Muegge               Scent: Orange Clove

Nartan Sagebrush      Scent: Grandpa's Pipe

“Stolen Dance" by Milky Chance


Sound of a Wylder Silence

Ava Wylder                Scent: Iced Lemon Cookie

Ikshu Sagebrush      Scent: Warm Clove


“Where Are You Going" by the Dave Matthews Band