Book 1: Bear with Me


Blue eyes, dimples, and silky brown hair; Grant Luther has all of Alison's weaknesses.



When he asks for one last chance to save their marriage, she agrees to relocate their family to isolated Strawberry, Kentucky in pursuit of his career dreams. Grant views Alison's sensory issues as limitations and protects her from outside threats. When he finds his new job includes changing him into a shifter in a war against the soul-sucking Sluagh he vows to keep the changes a secret. What he doesn't know is Alison has been hiding a magical secret of her own. One that makes her a target of the Sluagh.




Will Alison emerge from Grant's shadow to protect her family? And can Grant learn that being different can be a strength not a weakness?

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Book 2: Round of Applause

What do you owe a guy who rescues you from a soul-sucking demon?  Asking for a friend.

        Aurora has only the contents of her car when she decides to go on a post-graduate adventure in England and Asia.  She gets as far as Strawberry, Kentucky when her car breaks down and is abducted by the Sluagh, soul-sucking Fae exiles.  While she is grateful to be rescued, she believes that James is being a little hasty when he starts picking out the furniture for their dream house.  She would rather be with a guy who loves her for who she is not because he is destined to her hero or because the shifter smell test says she smells like his dead wife.  Gross! 

         James Martin thinks he has found the woman of his dreams.  After the death of his wife nearly two hundred years ago, destiny has given him another chance at true love with Aurora…if only he didn’t argue with her constantly.  The woman trapped in the Sluagh castle may prove to be more of a danger to herself then the Fae demons ever were.  Threatening to first cut off her hair and then her hand, James has the daunting task of keeping Aurora safe…and from ogling his best friend, Nate.

        Nate has also fallen for Aurora.  The beta male competes with the mature courting skills of James by offering a true partnership.  He asks Aurora to step out of her damsel in distress persona and pursue fun as his equal.  However, will his brotherly affection for James keep her out of his arms or will the two discover true love anyway?


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Book 3: Go Scorch Yourself


        Bad Girl Betty is running from the law.  After one year of grieving, she can’t recover from her boyfriend’s drug overdose.  When he went down on one knee last Christmas, she thought he was proposing not seizing.  He was using her access codes to steal opiates from nursing homes and only the surveillance footage kept the cops from convicting this recent nursing school graduate of using her clinical rotations as drug dispensaries.  Betty's only choice is to move in with her fragile sister, Alison, and rebuild her life in the isolated town of Strawberry.    When the opportunity to thwart Ryan’s plan to break up Alison’s marriage drops into Betty’s lap, Betty stands up for her sister once more.  If only the plan didn’t involve getting close to Prince of Darkness…


      Lucien Von Popescu, mild-manner microbiologist and Prince of Darkness wants to rock and roll all night and sleep all day.  Too bad he is being blackmailed by Ryan, the Vampire King.  Since his father’s death in his teen years, Lucien has tried to be the apprentice worthy succeeding Ryan by shelving his musical talents for a Ph.D. in microbiology.  Transporting his sick vampire sister takes monetary and political resources that only Ryan can provide so Lucien is stuck in the lab and under his thumb.  When Ryan tasks Lucien with securing an alliance with the Strawberry shifters via seducing Betty, Lucien falls quickly for the grieving rebel.  Will Betty open her heart for Lucien or will she continue grieving for a deadman who only used her for drugs?

Smoother Than Spumoni

A Spin-off Novella Coming Soon!

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Book 4: Rotten Apple

Coming Soon!

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