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The Chuchunya are on the loose in Canada!

Our Chuchunya and their dushevnayasvyaz welcome Sergei's fiercely independent mate, Dr. Sydney Decker, to the Chuchuyna clan. Meet the mate who turns the annual mating chase on its head and shows us the softer side to the biggest, strongest Chuchunya.


Meet an Alien Yeti in a new Monster Brides series!

Betrothed to the Yeti - Kindle Sized.png

Each month two new sets of monster nuptials will release on eBook in this multiauthor series! My 1st book in the series is Betrothed to the Yeti. Read a sneak peek scene from the 1st 9 books in Wedded Bliss for Free!


Pabu may be a snow monster but he isn't a Chuchunya. He's an alien Yeti from Enceladus, a moon of Saturn. This lonely beast has requested a bride as payment for keeping alien wolves & tigers from destroying the human colonies. With no contact with Earth, the colony Leaders give Jaya, daughter to the colony's drunk, to Pabu. What happens when she's Betrothed to the Yeti?

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