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What better mate for Serik the villain, than Kaitlyn...another villain?



When I asked to be surrounded by ‘creature comforts,’ I should have been more specific. Accountants like me aren’t built to ‘rough it’ in the university’s satellite anthropology lab on the tundra, nor are we equipped to fight off mobsters who rob us. What is there to steal in an anthropology lab, housed in a rusted shipping container anyway? The hero who rescued me claims to be my true love, but he’s a little too ‘creature’ and his idea of ‘comfort’ is a cavern under the permafrost…




As soon as I smelled Kaitlyn’s raven-black hair, I knew she was mine. Adam warned me she was too prickly to be a Chuchunya mate, but I don’t care. I show all the symptoms of a snow monster soul mate bond, our dushevnayasvyaz, except my female’s acceptance of me. Why didn’t she fall in love the moment I saved her? How can I win her heart before the others discover what I’ve done?


Serik’s time to seduce Kaitlyn runs thin as the boreal forest’s snow melts into spring. Will Timor learn that Serik kidnapped a human and force Kaitlyn to select her male at a mating chase? She won’t choose Serik—not when she despises him for taking her. Will the other human mates find Kaitlyn first and help her escape? Serik’s impulsive decision may have blown his one chance at love…

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After years of searching, Captain Teeth finds his lady love...
and she carries a grudge...

Why shouldn’t I partake in the fancies of the human world when I sprout legs once a month? Swilling rum, dancing on tables, singing bawdy songs, and sampling every scallywag who catches my eye is harmless fun. I tell myself my behavior is entertainment…not to forget my soulmate who abandoned me five years ago at Maude’s Tavern. After a night of passion, he flipped a doubloon onto the sheets and sailed away. I can’t believe the scourge of the seven seas mistook his lady love for a common strumpet! My kind mates for life so if I ever see him again, I’ll sink him and his ship.

Nobody humiliates a Kraken.

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Releasing 7/15/2024

Introducing the Mothman's daughter, Millie May, and her husband, Dr. Horus Mills

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Millie May Moth is desperate to stop the bulldozers from finding her treehouse. Desperate enough to kidnap the scientist the bulldozers seem to follow. Her plan turns upside-down when Dr. Horus Mills is clueless to the funding of his nonprofit and the mining company destroying the home to his research.

When Horus learns his university department provides data to the mining company destroying the forest he loves, will he risk it all to save the ecosystem he's studied for years? Or is his integrity compromised by the promise of a billionaire's lifestyle?

Can Mille put her infatuation aside and convince him to champion her cause or will she learn the lesson 'to never meet your heroes?'

What is a Chuchunya?


Buried deep under the Canadian permafrost is a clan of snow monsters called Chuchunya. They are in danger of extinction, so their leader is desperate for kits. However, the individual Chuchunya await their soul-bonded mates, to chase them in the annual mating game where females decide who will spend the zima season in caves together, and who will be alone...

They are a match made in hell...

Running from a SWAT team in heels along the rooftops lands Embezzler Rachel in hell. If the demons think she's sitting through intake processing, they are as outrageous as their horns' accessories. She hides in hell's server room where the mortal world's computer glitches and internet crashes are unleashed. Spamato the Demon of Email Mischief takes her under his wing in this tongue-and-cheek demonic rom com that's hotter than...well...hell.

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