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Everyone loves the Mortar & Pestle series featuring Chub from the Walk the Walk Pirate Series.

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Branko & Magda are landlubbers, living their HEA, but Patricia's Wish sails on with Captain Teeth at the helm. Chub returns as his Quartermaster so he has nothing to worry about...until a mysterious letter leads them to Trinidad. Instead of gold, Chub finds trouble in the form of a magical Mortar & Pestle and the lovely lady who owns it--err, stole it.

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Book 2: Seeker is #1 New Release while Book 3: Quartermaster is sitting at #9!

Congratulations to our favorite leather-tanning homestead of 1878 Wylder, Wyoming! 

Ikshu is following in big brother, Nartan's footsteps. Sound of a Wylder Silence won Still Moments Magazine's Reviewer's Choice for Best Historical/Western Romance. Ikshu was also a finalist for Best Romantic Hero...and he hasn't stop blushing yet. 

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Ready to take our monster romance journey to Hawaii?
Cover Reveal for my installment of the Defying the Gods Series!


Ding, time to work out. Ding, time to meditate. Ding, time for a wheatgrass smoothie.

Hawaiian hotel tycoon, Pika, has lived a regimented life since childhood. Is he meticulous, eccentric, or just stuck under his overbearing mother's thumb? Whatever the reason, his powerhouse strategies have gained him popularity, prestige, and wealth. He has it all but doesn’t allow himself to enjoy it.

When Terpsichore, the Greek muse of dancing, vacations at Pika’s home hotel, she challenges his way of life and introduces him to a new world of carnal delights. Unbeknownst to them, Pika’s rules and restrictions kept him from his family’s destiny, and indulging threatens his life as a human.

Can Terpsichore undo the transformation of Pika or is she powerless against the curse of the sons of Kamohoali’i?

The Strawberry Shifters

Welcome to Strawberry, KY where a mysterious parasite has unlocked the inner animal from its host's DNA. For centuries the community has lived as a haven for paranormal misfits, recreating the Bergan brand to fund their isolated existence. The pharmaceutical world is wondering what the secret is to small town Bergan Pharma's overnight success, but would they believe that it is the vampires who run the night lab? The community of paranormal creatures works in harmony until the Fae decide to put a Sluagh prison on the edge of town. Now vampires and shifters must work together to exterminate the soul-sucking Sluagh and take back their territory. 

Farm Field
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