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Announcing the newest couple in the Snuggling Under Snowdrifts series, Cherishing My Chuchunya!

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Dr. Adam Ruther always seems to pop up where the chuchunya need him most…but that’s not by accident. When he was injured and alone, a merciful angel—with furry arms, not wings—rescues him from freezing to death. Years before Artyom fished out Vera from a ground popper, Patricika found Adam. Sure, a female can be captivated by the throes of dushevnayasvyaz …but can a human male?

Read their forbidden love story and whether or not the clan is ready to believe in a dushevnayasvyaz without the biological symptoms in Snuggling Under Snowdrifts Book 3. The spring thaw promises to bring the clan’s greatest joy in a new kit and their greatest fear, a jealous Dr. Barbahall with nothing to lose. Adam will risk his life to keep his family safe and face enemies everywhere he turns for Cherishing My Chuchunya.

Happy Release Day to Betrothed to the Yeti!

Jaya's impoverished life in the Enceladus space colony of Alpha ends abruptly when her betrothal in the village ceremony becomes a tribute to the alien yeti protector of the village. With her alien goat companion, she bravely marches to Pabu's temple.  Will Jaya find her happily ever after in the temple or will convince Pabu to avenge the wrongs against her? 

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What is a Chuchunya?


Buried deep under the Canadian permafrost is a clan of snow monsters called Chuchunya. They are in danger of extinction, so their leader is desperate for kits. However, the individual Chuchunya await their soul-bonded mates, to chase them in the annual mating game where females decide who will spend the zima season in caves together, and who will be alone...

They are a match made in hell...

Running from a SWAT team in heels along the rooftops lands Embezzler Rachel in hell. If the demons think she's sitting through intake processing, they are as outrageous as their horns' accessories. She hides in hell's server room where the mortal world's computer glitches and internet crashes are unleashed. Spamato the Demon of Email Mischief takes her under his wing in this tongue-and-cheek demonic rom com that's hotter than...well...hell.

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