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A Monstrous Cover Reveal for Snuggling in Siberia Book 2: Spooning My Chuchunya

Introducing the newest dushevnayasvyaz to meet in the arctic circle, Spooning My Chucuhnya! When we left Sydney, she was charging across the Tundra to save Vera from...her happily ever after in Cuddling My Chuchunya. Find out what happens when the friends are reunited...and discovered by the clan. What is the leader's decision? A mating chase...but Sydney isn't looking for love or obsessed with cryptids. How will she escape?
Find out on 8/8/2023

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Ryan the Vampire King tells his side of Go Scorch Yourself in Strawberry Shifters Book 4: Rotten Apple

What would you trade for immortality? How about if you knew you only had 2 months to live? Ryan betrays his shifter friends, his vampire colony, and what's left of his family for a trip to the Fae healers of Magmell - promised by a fairy in the midst of her Sluagh transformation. Is Fae Princess Orchid, a friend, foe, or his destined true love? Find out in the fourth installment of the Strawberry Shifters on 6/7/2023.

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