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Can you Walk the Walk?

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Join my gang of scallywags on the 1718 high seas with Magda the Vampiress in a new book series, Walk the Walk. Pre-order eBooks, autographed paperbacks, or name the characters in the Walk the Walk KickStarter. 

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Strawberry's ethically non-monogamous throuple wins honorable mention for their story of acceptance, found family, and fighting for your definition of family in rural America.

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The Strawberry Shifters

Welcome to Strawberry, KY where a mysterious parasite has unlocked the inner animal from its host's DNA.  For centuries the community has lived as a safe haven for paranormal misfits, recreating the Bergan brand to fund their isolated existence.  The pharmaceutical world is wondering what the secret is to small town Bergan Pharma's overnight success, but would they believe that it is the vampires who run the night lab?  The community of paranormal creatures work in harmony until the Fae decide to put a Sluagh prison on the edge of town.  Now vampires and shifters must work together to exterminate the soul-sucking Sluagh and take back their territory. 

Farm Field