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A new genre, a new series, a new breed of hero!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Dr. Vera Thompson and her chuchunya, Artyom. Vera is an anthropologist called to excavate an Australopithecus corpse revealed by the melting permafrost. However, the body belongs, not to an extinct Australopithecus but a chuchunya whose brother travels across the tundra to retrieve him. What is a chuchunya? Artyom is one of the last Siberia Snow Monsters on Earth and the only one to witness the attempted murder of Vera. He betrays his clan by saving her when she's left for dead...but now what is going to do with her?

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Coming in 2023! A new multiauthor fantasy romance series featuring Chub from the Walk the Walk Pirate Series.

Branko & Magda are landlubbers, living their HEA, but Patricia's Wish sails on with Captain Teeth at the helm. Chub returns as his Quartermaster so he has nothing to worry about...until a mysterious letter leads them to Trinidad. Instead of gold, Chub finds trouble in the form of a magical Mortar & Pestle and the lovely lady who owns it--err, stole it. The free prequel releases in January and then look out for Quartermaster, releasing 3/14/2023.

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The Strawberry Shifters

Welcome to Strawberry, KY where a mysterious parasite has unlocked the inner animal from its host's DNA. For centuries the community has lived as a haven for paranormal misfits, recreating the Bergan brand to fund their isolated existence. The pharmaceutical world is wondering what the secret is to small town Bergan Pharma's overnight success, but would they believe that it is the vampires who run the night lab? The community of paranormal creatures works in harmony until the Fae decide to put a Sluagh prison on the edge of town. Now vampires and shifters must work together to exterminate the soul-sucking Sluagh and take back their territory. 

Farm Field